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The main purpose of Drumming4beginners.com is to provide useful information to anyone who would like to learn how to play the drums. It was created in 2009 and is aimed primarily at beginners who are just starting out with drumming or thinking about it.

Drums are a fun and powerful instrument, but certainly not easy. It takes a fair amount of determination, lessons, and realistic expectations to get where you want to go. Beginners often underestimate the importance of proper instructions. However, they are essential.

What will you find here?
  • Beginner tutorials
  • Tips & advice
  • Recommendations for further advancement
  • Links to other resources
  • Articles
  • And more...
Learning drums is definitely something that you'll never regret doing. Hopefully, this website will aid you in your journey toward drumming mastery.

Thanks for stopping by and happy drumming!

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